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About RV GeoLoc & the Remote Viewing Consortium


» One DVD
» 67 Minutes
» Region Free

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This DVD is for those experienced with Remote Viewing protocol.

With Geoloc, you can embark on the adventure of a lifetime! Locate anything you desire from buried gold and valuable objects to religious artifacts and people's locations! These new protocols are available exclusively in this advanced training DVD!

Geoloc is produced by the same two professional Remote Viewers that brought you RV Chronos. For years, thousands of people around the world have requested that professional viewers publically release their secret to how they use Remote Viewing to pinpoint objects of interest with GPS-like accuracy using nothing but the power of Remote Viewing and their unconscious minds. In fact, this inherent ability is so powerful, millions of people around the world listened first hand on the LIVE national radio program, Coast to Coast AM, as Remote Viewers used this powerful technique to accurate predict the location of missing aviator Steve Fossett months before official search crews recovered his crashed plane.

After years of secrecy, these two professional viewers have finally broken their silence and are revealing the Remote Viewing Geoloc technique to the world so that anyone can use this advanced protocol to better their lives, prepare for the future and track down anything that they desire. Make no mistake, never before has this techno been revealed to the public outside of private one-on-one training with only the most elite RV instructors in the world from the original military unit and there's no telling how long this product will be able to stay on the market.

Geoloc provides can provide GPS-like accurate to...

» Locate optimal living locations for future events. » Uncover buried gold, treasure or valuables. » Pinpoint someone's current location. » Archeological findings such as the recent Noah's Ark claim. » Or anything else you wish to find!

The Remote Viewing Consortium (thervc.org) is a group of remote viewers who are working towards a common set of goals. These goals include the research and development of ancilliary remote viewing protocols for specialized applications, the propagation of remote viewing into the conscious awareness of all human beings, and the continued search for knowledge and truth.

The RVC created the rvgeoloc.com website as a portal for those students who have purchased the "RV GeoLoc DVD" and for those who would like information about how to obtain it.

The Remote Viewing Consortium (thervc.org) was formed in California in 2007. In 2017 it moved to its new area of operations in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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